Workin’ Up a SWEAT

I’ve been an athlete my entire life. I’ve gone in waves of workouts, sports, etc. Back and forth, back and forth, but like many, when we had kids the waves between became further and further apart.

Kobe Bryant was an idol to many, but I wasn’t necessarily enamored with the guy. He was amazing on the court, yes, but his “Showboat” personality was a turn off. I was close in age with Kobe Bryant, so when you are in high school, and you see a peer rising to a high pedestal, you have to respect the guy. Since those days, I respected him more after seeing his dedication to his family.

When Kobe passed away tragically in January 2020, I was low-key devastated. He had earned my respect through his Mamba Mentality, his family life, and his mature, encouraging character. It was undeniable the pain I felt for his family, not only losing their patriarch, but also their 13 year old daughter, Gianna. Having a daughter of the same age really hit home.

This news inspired me to be better. As Kobe said once, “Just get better everyday.” I realized that I was stuck in a rut. Being a natural athlete that used to play all sports, I realized that I needed to just go out and do it. Get off my butt and get it moving. I always wanted to a young mom – but what good was it if I couldn’t do anything with them? I had suffered a few injuries in my life, but I realized I was smart enough to learn how to work around them. I had friends who had used to be my trainers at Equinox, 24hr Fitness, etc. I had access to information – I just needed to finally get up and do it myself. And so I did.

Immediately, I looked up all the popular workout apps around. Some friends of mine religiously worked out using the SWEAT App. I was so self-conscious about working out without a trainer before, which is why I always paid the high prices for the best trainers. However, I was now working out from home – so no one to really be self-conscious in front of (unless you count my kids!) It asks you questions about what kind of workouts you enjoy and what your goals are. Then it sets you up with a trainer and their program on the app. My current favorite is Chontel Duncan – she incorporates some Muay Thai moves along with weights and cardio. That being said, there are other days I’m feeling particularly strong and want to do more weightlifting, which is where Stephanie Sanzo’s program comes in. You can switch it up and try different programs one day while you are on another. (I like variety!) Some programs are designed for the gym only, but they also usually have an At Home version too, so, no matter what equipment you have (or don’t) there’s a program available for you to workout. AND, the online community through the app and social media channels is impressive, and incredibly supportive! No Excuses.

If you want to try the SWEAT app, use this code for a free 7 day trial. After my 7 day trial, I bought the annual subscription for $120. (less than a 1 month membership fee at Equinox!)

Check out Charly and I during an upper body workout – in hyperspeed 🙂

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