Review: Traeger Grill

For years, John and I have been without a grill – honestly, we had parties, but didn’t throw big bashes, and we usually just catered in food since it was so much easier – hello, Taco Man! We were so busy with our kids other places (not to mention, they were smaller humans, so having a grill wasn’t necessarily convenient). Well, now that we officially have two teenagers, our mindset (and grocery bill!) has changed.

My good friend Ashley started grilling every single dinner on her Traeger grill and posting it on Instagram. Ashley is a huge inspiration for me – she used to be one of my personal trainers at Equinox way back when. I love watching her Instagram stories about her workouts, and what else, but food! After seeing her grill and smoke meats and even salads, I was intrigued, and started researching more about Traeger Grills one night. Well, I got up the next day and decided to do our Costco run for the week.

Walking in to Costco, I pull up my list on my phone. I’m walking around, gathering all our essentials, when I am about a third of the way through the store, and what do I see before me? A Traeger road show. I just about squealed (internally, of course). Talk about FATE!

The sales person walked me through the different models that Costco has (not exactly the same as all the other Traeger models). There was a small one – which was tiny for my growing family. Then there was the mid-size model, the Century 885. This size was in-line with what I was looking for to feed my small army. Since I had done all the research already, I was sold. The comparable model to this is the Ironwood 885, which has more options and that is currently $1495. This, I purchased for $995 and got a free cover thrown in ($75 value).

It was fairly easy to put together – in fact, I filmed a video of my daughter and I putting it together, but my phone overheated in the sun! Just know that it didn’t take very long, and follow the directions 🙂

My first cook, I decided to do some spareribs. They were ridiculously yummy. Since we are a keto family, I made a keto friendly rub (try it here) paired with a Cauliflower Potato Salad. My first cook took longer than anticipated, but the ribs were worth the wait! The smokey flavor is out of this world.

Since then, I’ve made lots of ribs, tri-tip and pulled pork – and I have had it for about a month. I love using the Traeger since the house doesn’t have to heat up just because I’m using the oven! It’s also a lot easier making more food for my crowd.

Do you have a Traeger, or any good keto grill recipes to feed a crowd? Let us know in the comments!! We love trying new recipes out 🙂

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